What's New in PTC Mathcad Prime 7?


PTC Mathcad Prime is the industry standard for engineering mathematics software, enabling you to solve your most complex problems, and share your engineering calculations. And with PTC Mathcad Prime 7, engineering calculations just got better. This release introduces key enhancements, including: • Integrated legacy worksheet converter • Combo-box functionality for drop-down menus of variable definitions • Usability improvements, including refactored scroll, zoom, and focus behaviour; removing major gridlines; and saving worksheets to PDF • API Guide is now in Help • Over a dozen improvements to the new symbolic engine introduced in PTC Mathcad Prime 6, based on customer feedback Read in more detail about what's new in PTC Mathcad Prime 7: http://ptc.co/h94d30rjyfx Try out Mathcad Prime 7 for yourself for 30 days: http://ptc.co/BUXT30pS88c

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